Farm Produce


With the prolonged rains, our strawberries are still producing well.  We have a fresh supply almost daily.  We also have a good supply of frozen strawberries.

Passion fruit and finger bananas are also available now.


Our cilantro (coriander), is ready for harvest.  Cilantro is similar to parsley and is great in salads, meat dishes and salsa.  Locally it’s known as dahnia.

We also have dill and...

lemon basil,
     Italian parsley and curley parsley


For vegetables our french beans and swiss chard are ready for harvest.  We also have a fresh supply of lettuce, watermelon radish, turnips, cucumbers, and zucchini.

Our strawberry fruit leather is made with 100% natural ingredients.  It consists of pureed strawberries sweetened with a touch of honey and a hint of lemon juice, and dried into a nutritious, tasty snack.

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