About Us

The farming methods used at the Timothy Centre are organic in nature and follow zero or minimal tillage practices.  Where possible we use organic fertilizers and open pollinated seeds.  

Much of what we implement on the farm is based on Farming God's Way principles.  This includes doing things:

  • On Time:  Plan ahead, prepare well, start early, never be late!
  • At a High Standard:  Do everything as well as you can with no shortcuts, and do everything with integrity
  • With Minimal Wastage:  Don`t waste time, soil, water, seed, nutrients, labor, opportunity, etc.
  • With Joy:  If you do the first three, there will be hope and joyful anticipation of a great harvest!

By modeling this simple method of farming, we hope to demonstrate to the surrounding community that the outstanding results are achievable to everyone.  The concepts are easy to grasp, not capital intensive, and simple to implement.  The proof is in the harvest.

For more information on Farming God's Way workshops, please contact Karl at:  karlb.agro@gmail.com